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Can I Clean Up My Flooded Basement Myself? Why You Need Professional Water Damage Restoration in Minocqua, WI, via ServiceMaster Specialty Restoration Services

September 27th, 2017 · No Comments

Water can affect the home negatively in a number of ways. If you have a basement, it’s not uncommon for this area to flood, especially after heavy rains or natural disasters. When your basement floods, it’s not a situation that you should handle on your own. As a home owner tries to tackle the job of water cleanup themselves, it usually ends in disaster months down the line. Learn more about why professional water damage restoration is needed for your Minocqua, WI, home below.

It’s Not Just Water Cleanup

With water damage restoration service, it’s not just about removing the water in your Minocqua, WI, home. While water must be removed first, a drying process must then occur to ensure there is no moisture remaining in the home. After cleaning up the water in the home, many homeowners will neglect to dry the area as they don’t know this is needed nor do they have the equipment to do so.

When the basement isn’t dried thoroughly, mold and mildew can begin to grow. Over time, the area can become greatly affected by mold and mildew which leaves the homeowner with another major problem months down the road when the mold issue is discovered. It’s essential that the area is completely dried out so that this problem doesn’t occur.

Professional Service is a Must

So, you can see that professional water damage restoration in Minocqua, WI, is a must. Once the water is fully removed from the home, hi-tech drying equipment is used to remove all moisture from the air. With the moisture removed, the space can be used again without worry of mold or mildew developing. This is one of the major problems associated with water damage and a big reason why homeowners have problems in the future due to not handling the cleanup properly.

When water affects your home, give the experts at ServiceMaster Specialty Restoration Services a call. A team of experts will work quickly to ensure your home is cleaned fully with all water and moisture removed. Call (715) 362-3433 to learn more.

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